• Car Height - 8ft  or 7'2"
  • Car size - 15sqft
  • Natural Hardwood - birch, oak available
  • Handrail - natural wood
  • Floor - unfinished
  • Lighting - 2 or 4  4in recessed
  • Gate - Accordion vinyl panels
  • Car Operating Panel - oil rubbed, stainless steel, or brass


Brass              Stainless        Oil Rubbed

Elevator Gates


​Scissor Gate

​Standard Features

​Optional Features

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vision panels!

Customize Elevator 

Each elevator car is supplied with an elevator COP and Hall Stations for operation.  Upgrade options are available!
Each elevator car is custom built to maximize car size.  Raised paneling, stained wood and custom flooring can be install to match the interior of your home!

​Accordion Gate

Elevator Fixtures

Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. supplies a large selection of options for your elevator car.  From exotic hard woods to vintage fixtures!  An Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. representative assist you in matching your elevator car to the unique style of your home!

S.C. Office: (843)837-7900

​G.A. Office: (912)232-7687

Your Car is 

Custom Built to 

Hoistway Demensions

​Optional Panels

​Scissor Gate Options

  • Car height - custom for ELS-HYDRO1400
  • Car size - 20sqft for ELS-HYDRO1400
  • Natural hardwoods:   Cherry, mahogany, maple, oak & walnut
  • Handrail - Stainless steel, oil rubbed & brass
  • Lighting - Custom fixtures
  • Gate - accordion natural hardwood, accordion acrylic, and scissor gates

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antique fixture 


Each elevator car is supplied with an elevator gate.  Choose from a wide range of custom gates.  From accordion to scissor gates we have what you are looking for!

Elevator Car

​Standard Vinyl Panels