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Residential Elevators

Inclined Platform Lifts



  • ​Up to 14' travel
  • ​Commercial 
  • Residential

No barriers to everyday life!  The stairlift gives you mobility at an affordable price!

Standard features:

  • Up to 16' travel
  • Fold up footrest 
  • ​AC power

A cross between a boat lift and a platform lift, this Outdoor CARGO LIFT is meant for items such as luggage and groceries.  Not a passanger lift.

The Inclined Platform Lift is designed to travel a straight stair with a passenger and wheelchair. 


  • 500LB capacity
  • Up to 16' travel
  • ADA Approved 

Dumbwaiters are designed to carry everything from delicate glassware to laundry, groceries, firewood, ect.  They make household duties easy!

  • Inclined
  • ​Outdoor
  • ​Enclosed


Designed to climb the stairs, the CARGO LIFT helps you get heavy items into your home. 

​Great for groceries!

Platform Lifts


Cargo Lifts

Designed to attached on the exterior of your residential or commercial application, vertical platform lifts are solution to barriers, porches, staircases, decks and other elevation changes. 

Cargo Lifts

Retro fit a residential elevator into your home today!

Elevator Lift Systems, Inc. offers a range of residential elevators for your home application

Choose from: 

  • ELS-HYDRO1000
  • ELS-HYDRO1400
  • ​ELS-TRAC750